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How are mortality, HPC and EASA related?

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In his recent article featured in Desktop Engineering, “High-Performance Computing Needs to Be Simplified, Democratized,” Jamie Gooch opened with the bold assertion: “People are dying because scientists and engineers don’t communicate well.” He goes on to suggest that information and tools which could help solve many of humanity’s most pressing problems already exist. Gooch states […]

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Live Webinar: Simulation Apps: Simulation for Everyone – Jan 14, 2PM ET

by Sebastian Dewhurst in CAD/CAE, Simulation

At the 2016 NAFEMS Engineering Analysis in the Automotive Industry Conference, EASA partner Front End Analytics will present: Intelligent Fit-for-Purpose Apps for Democratized Steering System Component Design. The conference, to take place April 28th in Detroit, Michigan and will feature leaders in the engineering and simulation industry. Front End Analytics will present the apps that […]

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EASA identified as 3rd Generation Simulation and Analysis Deployment Platform

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In a recent article “New Frontiers in Simulation Process Automation” published on 3dCadWorld.com by Bruce Jenkins, President of Ora Research, EASA was identified as a 3rd generation simulation and analysis deployment platform. So what exactly does this mean, and how can it benefit engineering-focused enterprises? As we’ve discussed before, one of the major challenges that […]

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Barnett Waddingham to Host EASA Eagle Challenge

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Barnett Waddingham (www.barnett-waddingham.co.uk) announced their EASA Eagle Challenge Invitational, November 5, 2015. The event will take over the centre of Leadenhall Market in London for a day of simulated golf. The Barnett Waddingham EASA Eagle Challenge will be hosted from 11am to 4pm. Barnett Waddingham is UK’s largest independent provider of actuarial, administration and consultancy services. The […]

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How The Appification of Simulation is Changing SPDM (Simulation Process and Data Management)

by admin in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE, Excel Spreadsheets

The democratization of simulation and design optimization is proving to be an increasingly important goal as enterprises realize that greater collaboration can lead to significant advancements – and ultimately position an enterprise as the innovative leader in their industry. In a recent article by Kenneth Wong from Desktop Engineering, Simulation Lifecycle Management’s New Mission, Wong […]

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Presentations at NAFEMS World Congress suggest EASA is becoming an industry standard for the “appification of simulation”

by Sebastian Dewhurst in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE, Conferences and Events

No fewer than four presentations at NAFEMS World Congress 2015 indicate that the “appification of simulation” is poised to revolutionize the way companies use CAE tools. Further, it seems that EASA is becoming an industry standard for this approach. The “appification” of simulation is a term coined by Kenneth Wong of Desktop Engineering; it refers […]

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Desktop Engineering Reviews EASA Applications Built By Front End Analytics

by admin in All Blog Posts, CAD/CAE

In a recent video feature, Kenneth Wong of Desktop Engineering took a look at applications built by Front End Analytics using EASA, and discussed how this approach can increase access to simulation. In this video, Wong cites what he calls the process of “Appification” – namely, delivering simulation not as general purpose software program but […]

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Motor Piston Design Optimization with EASA Software: Video

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Increasingly, we have seen enterprises realize productivity and efficiency improvements by applying EASA to processes which, by nature, are engineering-intensive. A good example of this comes from Front End Analytics (http://www.feasol.com/), an EASA partner. They have developed a web-enabled EASA-based application which enables rapid product configuration by streamlining the analysis process. Using EASA to power […]

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