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Consider the following questions:

  1. Do you use any of the following types of software (commercial, legacy or in-house) for modeling and simulation, or for complex and critical calculations such as scenario modeling, proposal generation and costing, or CPQ (configure, price, quote)?
  • Spreadsheets
  • Equation solvers – MATLAB, Simulink, Mathcad, etc.
  • Numerical modeling – CAE (CFD, FEA, CAD, etc.)
  • Systems modeling
  • Other – databases, CRM, PLM, or in-house software
  1. Is there significant value if these models could be made much easier and secure to use for existing users? If it could be made practical for a much larger set of users (including suppliers, customers and 3rd parties)?
  2. Are there current bottlenecks, such as IP security issues, auditability, deployment failures or collaboration limitations that are reducing your software ROI?
  3. Are you considering acquiring new software or developing your own to enable you to get higher value out of our existing software and processes, but concerned about the cost, disruption, and future maintainability?
  4. Is there an existing or future requirement to run your software from mobile devices?

Would the potential added value (or cost/time savings) by addressing any one of the five issues above be in the order of $25K to $250K plus? If so, then EASA may provide a significant ROI – schedule a live demo or request an evaluation! Explore how it works!


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