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Excel users, consider the following questions:

  1. Is Excel used for a critical business process such as configuration, pricing, quoting or engineer-to-order (“CPQ, CTO, ETO”), scenario modeling, actuarial calculations or financial/engineering modeling and simulation?
  2. Is the option of replacing spreadsheets or discontinuing their use highly impractical because your business requires Excel’s agility, flexibility and power, or the historical investment and familiarity is of exceptional high value to you?
  3. Is Excel “chaos” (lack of version control, intellectual property security, unauditable usage, etc.) resulting in a substantial cost or problem for your business?
  4. Have you tried technologies that attempt to address the chaos, but found your VBA, macros, complex formulae, failed to work? Or have you tried to replace Excel with custom developed software but found development and updates do not move at the speed of your business?

EASA enables you to quickly build a tightly regimented process, integrating with other software and systems if necessary, while keeping your Excel spreadsheets (with any VBA, macros or complex formulas) – without the chaos. EASA has provided a significant ROI for many major corporations. Explore how you could benefit – schedule a live demo or request an evaluation! See how it works!

For other software – EASA is used to vastly improve the usability, security and auditability in exactly the same way it does with Excel

Our customers use EASA for:

  • Equation solvers – MATLAB, Simulink, Mathcad, etc.
  • Numerical modeling – CAE (CFD, FEA, CAD, etc.)
  • Systems modeling
  • Other – databases, CRM, PLM, or in-house software



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