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Democratization of Modeling & Simulation

Appification” removes the requirement that users must be experts in simulation and modeling, increasing model usage by existing and new users.

Creation of Fit-For-Purpose Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Conversion of complex tools into simplified but intelligent fit‐for‐purpose applications, capturing expert knowledge and enabling non‐expert users.

Management & Control of Excel Spreadsheets

Deployment of your critical spreadsheets as secure, safe, user-friendly, version-controlled web apps, eliminating spreadsheet chaos.

Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Streamline multi-user multi-step multi-application processes, reducing manual effort, errors and time, while creating a repeatable workflow.

Case Studies

Zurich: Deploying CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Spreadsheet Models as Database-Backed Apps

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Pfizer Case Study

Pfizer: Corporate-Wide Deployment of Advanced Modeling Tools with Streamlined Web Apps

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Leaseplan Case Study

Leaseplan: Streamlining Scenario Models and Pricing Spreadsheets as Enterprise Web Applications

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GE Case Study

GE: Accelerating Proposal Generation and Project Management while Enabling Knowledge Reuse

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P&G Cast Study

P&G: Enabling Usability for a Wider Audience by Democratization of CAE and Spreadsheet Models 

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Amlin Case Study

Amlin: Reducing Risks and Errors Associated with Using Excel as a Data Input and Aggregation Tool

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Democratization of Simulation
Transforming Excel Spreadsheets into Enterprise Applications