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EASA is a low-code development platform – also known as “hpaPaaS”
– High Productivity Application Platform as a Service.

EASA enables “citizen developers” to create fit-for-purpose web apps. Uniquely, with EASA you can leverage your existing tools built with Excel, MATLAB, Python, and R, eliminating re-work and streamlining your application deployment.

Democratization of Complex or Proprietary Processes

Many workflows, such as configuration, pricing and proposal generation, are “expert only”. Enable secure enterprise access with streamlined and simplified web apps.

Creation of Fit-For-Purpose Apps for Desktop and Mobile Devices

Complex workflows can waste valuable time. Create simplified but intelligent fit‐for‐purpose applications that capture expert knowledge, secure proprietary information, and enable broader usage.

Secure Deployment of Excel Spreadsheets as Web Apps

Replacing Excel is not always feasible. Eliminate the hazards and chaos that typically accompany spreadsheet usage and deployment.

Automation & Integration of Business & Software Processes

Multi-user multi-step multi-application processes can be unwieldy and error prone. Reduce manual effort, errors and time, and create a repeatable workflow – at the speed of your business.

Case Studies

Zurich: Deploying CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Spreadsheet Models as Database-Backed Apps

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Pfizer Case Study

Pfizer: Corporate-Wide Deployment of Advanced Modeling Tools with Streamlined Web Apps

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Leaseplan Case Study

Leaseplan: Streamlining Scenario Models and Pricing Spreadsheets as Enterprise Web Applications

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GE Case Study

GE: Accelerating Proposal Generation and Project Management while Enabling Knowledge Reuse

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P&G Cast Study

P&G: Enabling Usability for a Wider Audience by Democratization of CAE and Spreadsheet Models 

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Amlin Case Study

Amlin: Reducing Risks and Errors Associated with Using Excel as a Data Input and Aggregation Tool

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